iLearn Math

iLearn Math

iPASS stands for an "Individual Prescription for Achieving State Standards," which reflects two of its most important features:

  • It is prescriptive at a very detailed level. Instruction is matched to the specific concept and skill deficits of individual students.
  • It is mastery-based. Students achieve mastery of each standard as a prerequisite for progress through the program.

It is a fully automated, web-based math curriculum and instruction system that provides individualized instruction to meet the identified needs of each student while freeing up the teacher to monitor and facilitate learning on a one-to-one basis. It provides the following functions without requiring teacher intervention:

  • All pre- and post-assessment
  • Placement
  • Original instruction
  • Systematic practice
  • Review

In addition, iPass incorporates course management, progress reporting, and teacher support in a tightly integrated system aligned with state standards.

The curriculum is designed for Math Intervention in Grades 3 through High School. It provides an efficient yet comprehensive coverage of content in Grades 1 through Algebra II. It is highly aligned with the NCTM Focal Points and the recommendations of the National Math Advisory Panel and covers all the core concepts necessary for success in elementary grades, middle grades as well as Algebra or Integrated Math in High School.